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Hoarder Cleanout

  • Junk Removal

  • Junk Removal

Junk Removal is a service that really helps to promote a new beginning. Its amazing how sometimes you have so much stuff and you just don't know what to do with it. You have so much stuff it just keep piling and piling on you and you can't seem to get a handle on it. That's why you call Louhaul services, because we will assist you in all the ways possible to remove the things you need removed and clean up.

We understand that it can be tiresome at times when you look around and realize that the little small space you use to have is now taken over the garage, house or yard and you must do something about it. You need to clean out because someone has left their things behind and didn't want them anymore, some one is a hoarder or demolition is being done and someone needs to clean up and out the garbage. It could be just a few things, but you just need to get them removed, we can provide this service for you and all you have to do is just sit back and relax. Let us do the work for you, our professional men and woman will make your job look better then new.

Being a HOARDER is a problem and we can clean up this type of removal service with providing you with the proper tools needed to get this type of cleanup done. You need an experience crew to come and clean up and can provide you with protection as you go through this really difficult time. ​But rest assure we are HOARDER certified and 100% equipped to handle your cleanup job no matter what size it is and no matter what the requirements are. If there's an inspection needed we can provide all of the inspections hazard and non hazard with our contractors we have on our team. Hoarders come in many different forms and can really put families and loved ones in a very bad situation trying to get rid of everything but saving the momentous. Alot of times a really big Hoarder mess will leave you with animal droppings, hazardous chemicals, alot of very unsanitary things can come from being a hoarder and would require a company that knows what they are doing and a company that assures the delicate part of the family is protected as well. The smallest thing that accumulates can cause such a big effect on you when its been sitting around for such a long time. can assure you that when we arrive, we provide you with the complete process of great service. Hands down we are the best to have when this is in need.
No matter how little the Removal is, our minimal price starts at $350 with 5 mile radius.

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